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Embedded Systems Design, September 2008


August ESD

VOL. 21 NO. 9
September 2008
Table of Contents

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Cover Story

An insider's view of the 2008 Embedded Market Study
by Richard Nass
The results are in. Here is an analysis of the embedded systems industry's most comprehensive annual study.

Speeding up CORDIC algorithm with a DSP
by Fabian Lis and George Pan, Analog Devices, Inc.
When a CORDIC algorithm is implemented on a digital signal processor, can the multipliers improve CORDIC performance?

Reinventing JTAG for SoC debugging
by Stephen Lau
Want a headstart on implementing a new JTAG debug interface into your design? Here's the lowdown on the soon-to-be IEEE 1149.7 standard.

20th Anniversary article: Bank-Selecting ROMs
by John L. Nichols
A line of EPROMS with bank-select registers on-chip offers an alternative to the traditional methods of increasing controller performance.


Programming Pointers
Allocating objects vs. allocating storage

by Dan Saks
In C as well as in C++, allocating objects rather than just raw storage leaves you fewer opportunities to make mistakes.

Break Points
Engineering Apollo

by Jack Ganssle
A new book describes the creation of the Apollo Guidance Computer in the detail only an engineer can love…and engineers WILL love it.


Summer's over. Back to work.

by Richard Nass
With vacation a distant memory, it's time to roll up the sleeves and finish off that big project.

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