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Embedded Systems Design, September 2009


September 2009 ESD

VOL. 22 NO. 8
September 2009
Table of Contents

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Cover Story

Getting in touch with capacitance sensor algorithms
by John Carey
Learn about the role of capacitance measurement algorithms in multi-touch sensing user interfaces.

Gaming the system–high-end networking on the Cell processor
by Jim Turley
Complex multicore processors are upon us.With the right open-source tools and a commercial RTOS, they don't have to be monsters to program.

Is virtualization right for your application?
by Casey Weltzin
Here's a brief “no-bull” tutorial on how virtualization actually works and where it is most useful.

ESC paper: Seamless integration of multicore embedded systems
by G. De Simone, P. Pierani, and M. Quagliani
Gradually introduce performance improvements while preserving an established functional baseline in an embedded system with demanding characteristics requirements.


Programming Pointers
Allocating and deallocating arrays, in detail

by Dan Saks
Deallocating array objects, not just array storage, requires a little advance planning.

Break Points
Thanks for the memories

by Jack Ganssle
From oral tradition and clay tablets all the way to modern memory devices, Jack Ganssle traces the history of memory.


3G is passé; 4G is the real deal

by Richard Nass
The handset vendors claim that 4G is a real panacea for end users. But do end users even know what 4G is?

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