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Embedded Systems Design, September 2010


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Cover story:
Bill Lamie: Story of a man and his real-time operating systems
by Bernard Cole and Toni McConnel
How did real-time operating systems come to be? Bill Lamie's story provides some clues.

Debugging the Linux kernel with JTAG
by Alexander “Sasha” Sirotkin
The JTAG debugger is very useful for debugging low-level Linux kernel on ARM. The author shows you the peculiarities and benefits of Linux-kernel debugging using JTAG.

Booting an RTOS on symmetric multiprocessors
By Faheem Sheikh, Irfan Ahmad, and Dan Driscoll
The startup sequence of traditional single-core kernel needs to be updated right now if multicore architectures are to be supported. Here's a possible process that works on symmetric multiprocessing.

Break Points:
by Jack G. Ganssle
Protecting your intellectual property
Considering the cost, hassle, and the lack of any sort of trade-secret protection, why bother patenting anything?

Programming Pointers
by Dan Saks
Accessing memory-mapped classes directly
If you think using pointers to access memory-mapped devices is too slow, here are some alternatives you can try.

by Ron Wilson
A whole issue on operating systems?
Use of third-party operating systems has become the rule rather than the exception. Consequently, the ability of the application developer to understand what's going on in the operating system and to alter it has taken a significant hit.

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