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Embedded Systems May 2002 Contents


The contents of the May 2002 issue of Embedded Systems – The European magazine for embedd design.

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Editors Comment

Seamless networking – an impossible dream?


Tasking develops RTOS in-house

Lauterbach adds memory support

Intregrity improes security and HA

Jungo to speed driver development for EZ-USB

Siroyan DSP core ready for action

Telelogic signs wireless LAN deal with Silaria for 802.11 solution


Accelerator IP speeds DSP algorithms

Moon2 improves Java applications

Easing the integration of operating systems

Special Focus: Wireless Connectivity

Frost & Sullivan see blue future Cheaper implementation to drive WLANs forward

Incredible journey for WLANs

Bringing the benefits of Java to Bluetooth

802.11b is dead – long live Bluetooth

Is outsourcing core technology the future of the wireless industry?

Integration lowers costs for BluetoothNewsIEEE 802.11g to benefit WLANs

An introduction to debugging Bluetooth in embedded systems Special Focus: Operating Systems

Removing development bottlenecks through integration of tools and OS

The future of Java for embedded applications

Linux scheduler latency Features Concurrent development of hardware & software Dave Robertson, director of European operations at Perforce Software explains how graphics specialist, NVIDIA, uses software configuration management to ease the development of its GeForce range.

Deep memory on scopes improves troubleshooting A growing number of designs employ microcontrollers and DSPs, so it is not surprising, says Lisa Beyers of Agilent Technologies, that many of yesterday's oscilloscopes fall short of the mark.

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