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Embedded Systems Programming, April 1990


Vol. 3 No. 4, April 1990

Table of Contents

We hold this truth to be self-evident, that not all tasks are created equally.


“Multitasking on the 386”
by Jim Betz.
Embedded PCs may be popular now, but MS-DOS and real-mode are still bad news for multitasking and realtime. Here's a look at how the advanced features of the 80386 can be used to advantage in multitasking–and what design hazards you'll have to face.

“Heavyweight Tasking”

by Philip Koopman Jr.
Preemptive multitasking isn't your only design option. For some applications, cooperative multitasking offers significantly improved efficiency. Koopman offers a taxonomy of cooperative methods, along with some hints on multitasking with stack machines.

“Cooperative Multitasking”
by Jack Woehr.
Virtually every commercial Forth system has support for multitasking. Making the most of background tasks and PAUSEs isn't always child's play, though. Woehr, one of our more frequent contributors, shares his experience with daemons and other cooperative monsters.

“Reentrant Floating”
by Rick Naro.
It's no big secret that Microsoft Corp. and Borland International don't design their C compilers to make life easy for embedded system developers. Sometimes, though, we luck out because they haven't gone out of their way to make life difficult for us. Here's the inside story on ROMing Turbo C's floating-point emulation routines.

“An 8051 Simulator Update”
by John M. Dlugosz.


#include: “Good News and Bad”
by Tyler Sperry.

Real-Time: “Estranged Bedfellows”
by Tyler Sperry.

Programmer's Sourcebook: “Ants Climbing Trees”
by Bruce A. Bergman.

State of the Art: “Structuring Data”

by P. J. Plauger.

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