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Embedded Systems Programming, April 2002

April ESP

VOL. 15 NO. 4
April 2002

Table of Contents


Cover Story

Simulation takes off with hardware
by Jim Ledin
Some systems are too dangerous or expensive to be toyed with. Simulation can help you develop the firmware in advance, for a safe and successful integration.

Instruction set simulation in C
by Robert Gordon
When developing software for small microcontrollers, it is common to use assembly language in the final product. But there is still much value in prototyping the software and its algortihms in C. Here's a helpful way to migrate from C to assembly smoothly, while still working in the prototype environment.

Murphy's Law
More on memory leaks

by Niall Murphy
The best way to detect memory leaks is to use a smarter memory allocator. That turns out to be easier than you might think.

USB debug tips
by Jan Axelson
USB is a flexible, high-speed replacement for serial and parallel ports. But flexible also means complicatedóit's much harder to debug a USB design and qualify your product's compliance.


Reality bites

by Michael Barr
The real world is messier than most engineers like to admit.

Programmer's Toolbox
World's best root finder

by Jack Crenshaw
You will not find a better root finder in the known universe. Jack knows what he's talking about; he's tried them all.

Beginner's Corner
Introduction to priority inversion

by David Kalinsky and Michael Barr
When tasks share resources, as they often do, strange things can and will happen. Priority inversions can be particularly difficult to anticipate. Here's an introduction to priority inversions and a pair of techniques you can use to avoid them.

Programming Pointers
As precise as possible

by Dan Saks
Both the C and C++ Standards leave gray areas in the language. If you don't know why, they can look like black holes.

Break Points
Don't sell yourself short

by Jack G. Ganssle
Anytime is a good time to update your résumé. These days, unfortunately, many of us have no other choice.

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