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Embedded Systems Programming, April 2005


April ESP

VOL. 18 NO. 4
April 2005

Table of Contents

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Understanding cascaded integrator-comb filters
by Richard Lyons
The previously obscure CIC filter is now vital to many high-volume wireless communications tasks and equipment. Using CIC filters can cut costs, improve reliability, and help performance. Here's a primer to get you started.

Tricks with PICs
by Don Rowe
Squeeze extra features out of Microchip's popular PIC microcontroller chips. The tricks, such as making extra serial ports and performing 32-bit math on a 8-bit chip, are all here and can be used on other microcontrollers as well.

Breathing life into hardware and software codesign
by Bassam Tabbara
From theory to practice, this article comes from one who's done it all. Hardware/software codesign is the goal of every (well, most) embedded systems designers. To have the hardware and the software both spring forth from the same designer's pen is enough to make any manager glad.


Programmer's Toolbox
From time, wisdom

by Jack W. Crenshaw
Has the world turned upside down or is it just that time of year again? With a Jack discovers that when the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

Break Points
April's fools

by Jack G. Ganssle
Has the world turned upside down or is it just that time of year again? With a little tweaking, perhaps the world could really be like this.


Slipping into a comma

by Jim Turley
Yikes! The merry punster Jim Turley entertains us with some April Fools frivolity.

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