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Embedded Systems Programming, August 1999


August ESP

VOL. 12 NO. 8
August 1999

Table of Contents


Cover Story

Nuts to OOP!
by Thomas Niemann
This seasoned programmer thinks the increasingly widespread us of object-oriented programming in embedded development is largely unwarranted.

A Considered Response To “Nuts To OOP!”
by Michael Barr
The ESP technical editor offers an argument for the benefits of object-oriented programming.

GUI Development: Embedding Graphics, Part II
by Niall Murphy
This Month the author continues his look at GUI development by showing you how to integrate simple shapes and objects into your user interface.

Controlling the Transmit Enable Line on RS-485 Transceivers
by Nigel Jones
The first time you encounter the transmit enable line on RS-485 transceivers, you're likely not to know how to control it. Here's a robust solution.


16-Bit: The Good, The Bad, Your Options
by Rick Grehan
Pressured from below and above, it would seem that the 16-bit market has little new to offer. a creative redefinition of “16-bit”, however, opens new avenues..


Programmer's Toolbox
Serendipity Strikes
by Jack W. Crenshaw

Programming Pointers
funcition Signatures and Name Mangling
by Dan Saks

Break Points
Keep the User's Brain in the Loop
by Jack G. Ganssle

State of the Art
Qui Mal y Pense
by P.J. Plauger


Accidental Virtues
by Lindsey Vereen



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