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Embedded Systems Programming, August 2002


August ESP

VOL. 15 NO. 8
August 2002

Table of Contents


Cover Story

Embedded Linux and the law
by Dave Beal and Michael Barr
The rising popularity of Linux, combined with perceived cost savings, has spurred many embedded developers to consider a real-time Linux variant as an alternative to a traditional RTOS. Here's the straight dope on the legal implications for the proprietary parts of your firmware.

Design patterns for high availability
by David Kalinsky
It is possible to achieve five-nines reliability with everyday commercial-quality hardware and software. The key is the way in which these components are combined.

If the RedBoot fits
by Anthony J. Massa
This open-source ROM monitor offers a download and debug environment and is highly portable. What more could you want?


Quantum programming

by Michael Barr
Relatively few of the embedded systems books I receive are worthy of permanent space on my bookshelf. That's why I want to tell you about one recent standout.

Murphy's Law
Training for the long run

by Niall Murphy
Proper skills training takes more than a set of slides and a multiple choice test. Companies that don't rovide it are cheating themselves.

Beginner's Corner
Introduction to closed-loop control

by Michael Barr
Most control systems utilize feedback in some manner. Here's a look at several fundamental feedback mechanisms.

Forward interpolation

by Don Morgan
Engineers are always looking to make their designs more efficient. Don has a DSP technique that should ease the computational burden.

Break Points
Engineering ethics

by Jack G. Ganssle
In a world increasingly shaped by technology, engineers have a moral obligation to consider the consequences of their choices.

Parity Bit
Finishing touches

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