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Embedded Systems Programming, December 2000

December ESP

VOL. 13 NO. 13 December, 2000

Table of Contents

Cover Story

Embedded State Machine Implementation
by Martin Gomez
Turning a state machine into a program can be pretty straightforward if you follow the advice of a skilled practitioner.


Software Components for Real Time
by David B. Stewart

Create your own framework for component-based real-time software without a huge cost, effort, or run-time overhead.

On the ROPES
by Bruce Powell Douglas

Object-oriented design is usually part of an overall development process. Hereís a new process called ROPES (Rapid Object-Oriented Process for Embedded Systems) that may work for you.

Flexible Dynamic Array Allocation
by Richard Hogaboom

Cís static zero-based arrays are not representative of the actual data to be stored by many systems. Hereís a more flexible dynamic array allocator that you can use to supplement or replace static arrays.

How to Start a Consulting Business
By Bob Zeidman

Tired of the humdrum and politics of working for a large corporation? Dying from overwork at a small start-up? Consider striking out on your own, as an engineering consultant.

Internet Appliance Design

Principles of User Interface Design
by Niall Murphy
The placement of knobs, buttons, and switches is as essential to the making of a good product as the firmware. This article illustrates the delicate relationship between the two.

Tiny File System
by Ed Sutter
Sometimes when flash memory is present, you want to refer to a chunk of code or data by name, as though it is a file. This capability need not come with all the complexity of most commercial flash file New Internet appliance design products.

New Products

Embedded Internet Tools


Competing Standards
by Michael Barr

Programmer's Toolbox
Oops! I Did it Again
by Jack W. Crenshaw
Jack returns from holiday refreshed and ready to solve the problem of minimization once and for all.

Murphy's Law
Lock Up Your Software

by Niall Murphy

A Translation Point
DSPs can replace a great deal of analog circuitry, while offering better stability and configurability. Basic trigonometry might give you some ideas.
by Don Morgan

Break Points
Open Source vs. Proprietary
Cost is not everything, says Jack, weighing in on open source. The price of software is less important than the amount of value it has for you.
by Jack G. Ganssle

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