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Embedded Systems Programming, December 2004

December ESP

VOL. 17 NO. 12
December 2004

Table of Contents

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What can you build with an integer?
by Martin L. Buchanan
In praise of the lowly integer, this article shows how to make code faster and smaller by using simple counting numbers instead of floating-point math, strings, or arrays. These techniques should serve as a guide for every programmer.

How to manage software development for startups
by Osborne Hardison
Even if you're not involved in a startup, these best practices for running a small organization on a tight budget may help you critique your own organization. How to hold meetings, what tools to buy, and what to skip—it's all here straight from one who's learned the hard lessons.

A Feynman approach to debugging
by Lisa Simone
As a child, Richard Feynman could fix radios by thinking. You can take the same approach to debugging embedded systems.


Murphy's Law
The programmer as wordsmith

by Niall Murphy
The text our applications display to the user has a huge effect on usability and so deserves your close scrutiny during development.

Break Points
When disaster strikes

by Jack G. Ganssle
Failure may not be an option, but when it happens it's important to learn from it.


Aim high

by Jim Turley
The inspiring story of Apollo 13 makes even the most successful of engineers exclaim “we're not worthy.” Jim recently encountered his childhood hero Gene Krantz.

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