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Embedded Systems Programming, February 1990

Vol. 3 No. 2, February 1990

Table of Contents

Multitasking at the molecular level? Why not? Today's nanotechnologic fantasy is tomorrow's embedded system.


“A Real-Time Primer”
by Mike Wood and Tom Barrett.
Facing your first project with real-time demands? Here's an introduction to the issues and design options you'll face, along with some warnings about the pitfalls. The authors are the team behind Motorola's MCX-11 real-time kernel for the 68HC11.

“A Real-Time Lexicon”
by Bruce Koball.
This sidebar is a whirlwind tour of the jargon and terms found in the real-time multitasking paradigm, from simple applications to operating systems.

“Evaluating Real-Time Operating Systems”
by P.J. Plauger.
P.J. Plauger has worked with real-time systems for years and has even written a few operating systems along the way. In addition to his advice on selecting a real-time platform, we've added a reference list to vendors of real-time multitasking kernels and operating systems.

“Efficiency in Assembler”
by Ashok P. Nadkarni.
Reworking a critical section of code for efficiency is a task we all face sooner or later. If you're struggling with a performance bottleneck on the 68000 or 8086 processors, these speed hints will help.

“In-Circuit Emulators–Part II”
by Bruce A. Bergman.

“ROMable Real-Time Kernels”
by Bruce Koball and Alex Novickis.


#include: “Serving the Reader”
by Tyler Sperry.

Real-Time: “Rheality Checks”
by Tyler Sperry.

Programmer's Sourcebook:
“Debugging Device Drivers”
by Bruce A. Bergman.

State of the Art: “Rolling Your Own”
by P. J. Plauger.

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