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Embedded Systems Programming, February 1996

Vol. 9 No. 2, February 1996

Table of Contents


Adding Wireless Communications Capability to Embedded Systems
by Roy Tarantino
How practical is it to use the airwaves as a communications medium for embedded systems? The author describes his experience with the issues involved with integrating wireless communications into embedded systems.

Using DSPs to Replace Dedicated Hardware
by Glenn Chagnot
Low-cost DSPs give designers a new weapon with which to attack the familiar problems of cost, power, and flexibility. This article examines the feasibility of replacing large amounts of dedicated hardware with a single DSP.

Designing to a Moving Target
by Greg Hawley
There's many a slip 'twixt the cup and the successful embedded system design. Here are some proven methods to manage changes that occur during a project's design, implementation, and test phases.

Boot and Application Software Design Tips
by John Linn
Ever need to update embedded systems in the field? This article presents tips for the design of boot and application software for embedded systems, which gives you the capability to download new software.


Farmers and Cowpersons
by Lindsey Vereen
Engineers represent an example of territory folk who ought to stick together. As the line between software and hardware blurs, everybodyis working in the same territory.

Parity Bit
Readers as Teachers

Valentines and Visionaries
by Tyler Sperry
Embedded designers are modernday magicians, bringing beach sand to life with software incantations.

Programmer's Toolbox
by Jack W. Crenshaw
Like most programmers, I quickly learned that the carry flag can also be used for lots of other neat things.

Special Report: Single-Board Computers
PCs As Embedded Controllers
by John Gabay
Today VME, ISA-bus backplane, and proprietary architectures make up the bulk of the single-board computer market. But products based on the emerging PC/104 standard are beginning to make their mark.

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Break Points
Ideas Unleashed
by Jack G. Ganssle
Someday we'll be able to build our systems from canned software components, much as hardware designers do now.

State of the Art
by P.J. Plauger
We live in a dirty world, one that stands ever ready to infect our goodworks, weaken them, or kill them off prematurely.

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