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Embedded Systems Programming, February 2002


February ESP

VOL. 15 NO. 2
February 2002

Table of Contents


Cover Story

Temperature measurement techniques
by Stuart Ball
Sensors enable software to see what is happening in the real world. This article looks at temperature sensors and how they interface to a processor.

Murphy's Law
A question of quality

by Niall Murphy
Can quality be generalized across multiple industries? ISO 9000 and its promoters claim it can. Here's a look at the ubiquitous standard.

Introduction to web services
by John Canosa
Web services are coming to the enterprise, and embedded use can't be far behind. Here are the basics.


Whither embedded?

by Michael Barr
What's going to happen to the embedded category in the future? Can an increasingly disparate mix of systems continue to be identified as one?

Programmer's Toolbox
Bad trip

by Jack Crenshaw
A move gone awry adds names to the list of Good Guys and Bad Guys. You might be surprised to see who winds up where.

Beginner's Corner
Serial peripheral interface

by David Kalinsky and Roee Kalinsky
Another option for low-cost, low-speed communication “inside the box” is the serial peripheral interface.

Programming Pointers
Symbolic constant expressions

by Dan Saks
While symbolic constants will help your code, you can overuse them. Symbolic constant expressions can be just as useful, but without the clutter.

Break Points
Can hardware be trusted?

by Jack G. Ganssle
Our long-held assumptions about reliable and deterministic hardware may not be valid much longer. Here's the reason why.

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