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Embedded Systems Programming, January 1990


Vol. 3 No. 1, January 1990

Table of Contents

Some say this neon frieze from the early Pascolithic Age indicates a lost, but advanced civilization.


“Embedding Standard C”
by Jim Brodie.
Now that all the technical details of the ANSI C Standard have been ironed out, what's the impact on embedded systems development? Is there more to Standard C than just prototypes? Brodie, chair of the X3J11 committee, explores how the new type qualifiers const and volatile could affect your programming.

“C++ for Embedded Systems”
by Bruce Eckel.
It seems you can't open a programming magazine without running into articles on C++ and object-oriented programming. Here's an introduction to both subjects by the author of Using C++.

“Debugging Technology”
by Jack G. Ganssle.
Debugging tools have come a long way from the old days of toggle switches and boot PROMs. The latest debuggers have moved beyond breakpoint options and are raising concerns about portability and file standards.

“Prototyping on the PC”
by Tom Crosley.
Simulating your systems before sitting down to actual coding used to be a luxury, but no longer. Today, simulation can be the essential tool to staying on schedule, even if you're developing microcontroller code on a PC.

“In-Circuit Emulators”
by Bruce A. Bergman.


#include: “Yet Another Decade?”
by Tyler Sperry.

Real-Time: “Movers and Shakers”
by Tyler Sperry.

When in ROM: “News from the Microprocessor Forum”
by Ray Duncan.

Programmer's Sourcebook:”Stadium Seating Only”
by Bruce A. Bergman.

State of the Art: “Concurrent Programming”
by P. J. Plauger.

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