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Embedded Systems Programming, January 1996


Vol. 9 No. 1, January 1996

Table of Contents


Trends in Hardware/Software Codesign
by Larry Mittag
Designing hardware and software simultaneously is a key factor in reducing time-to-market. Although some vendors are talking about tools to facilitate the task, we still have a long way to go before codesign becomes a realistic design methodology.

Data Structures for User Interfaces
by Niall Murphy
There's more to a user interface than handling user inputs. In this article, the author covers display outputs and presents a rationale for developing prototype interfaces, along with a methodology for doing so.

Optimizing C Code in a Real-Time Environment
by Mark B. Kraeling
Which is your goal: speed or code size? Here are some guidelines for code optimization that point you toward ways to increase speed and to keep code size under control.

DIS: Going Beyond Single Simulation Environments
by Do-While Jones
From video games to air traffic control to simulated warfare, any application using remote sensors to track moving objects monitored from different locations can benefit from DIS technology. This article explains the new DIS standard.


by Lindsey Vereen
Out With the Old
Staff changes on Embedded Systems Programming magazine, Jan. 1996.

Parity Bit
Ada Out of the Woodwork

Dangerous Liaisons
by Tyler Sperry
As befits a paranoid view of reality, all you dois turn your back on a computer and it sends your data across the country.

Programmer's Toolbox
Floating-Point Math, Part 3
by Jack W. Crenshaw
If we used a long integer mantissa, we'd have to be able to multiply and divide longs, and that's not possible in C.

Special Report
8-Bit Microcontrollers

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Break Points
When the Thrill is Gone
by Jack G. Ganssle
My forty-something friends moan about the problem, but I wonder if wage compression isn't a good thing in disguise.

State of the Art
Say It With Hypertext
by P.J. Plauger
After two or three frustratingly fruitless experiences, the document becomes a good candidate for kindling.

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