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Embedded Systems Programming, January 2002


January ESP

VOL. 15 NO. 1
January 2002

Table of Contents


Embedding with GNU: Newlib
by Bill Gatliff
newlib is often the most appropriate choice for a C runtime library in an embedded system. Read on to find out why.

Embedding with GNU: Newlib Part 2
by Bill Gatliff
The first part of this article introduced newlib, a C runtime library for some embedded software built using GNU tools. This time, Bill shows you how to integrate newlib into a multithreaded runtime environment that features Jean Labrosse's µC/OS.

eCos porting guide
by Anthony J. Massa

The first task when using any new operating system is to get it up and running on your hardware. The open-source eCos RTOS makes that part pretty easy.

Murphy's Law
Interfacing the user

by Niall Murphy
Good software engineers donít always make good interface designers. Sometimes they trust the user too much.

Cover Story

Low-power design
by Mike Willey and Kris Staffford
This article gives designers real power to reduce power. It covers practical techniques on key low power issues: how to select a processor, I/O considerations, sleep/wake-up, and more.


Open sores

by Michael Barr
Is the use of open source software in embedded systems just a fad?

Beginner's Corner
Introduction to endianness

by Christopher Brown and Michael Barr
Which is the most convenient end on your system?

Programming Pointers
Constant Objects and Constant Expressions

by Dan Saks
Constant objects are a bit more useful in C++ than they are in C. Unfortunately, theyíre still not as useful as some people would like them to be.

Break Points
As good as it gets

by Jack G. Ganssle
Software has become ubiquitous, creating risks at a terrifying rate. Jack wonders if weíre smart enough to manage all that code.

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