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Embedded Systems Programming, July 2003


July ESP

VOL. 16 NO. 7
July 2003

Table of Contents


Cover Story

Exploring optical and magnetic sensors
by Stuart Ball
Sensors help microprocessor-based systems find their bearings. Where would embedded systems be without them?

State machine shortcuts
by Michael Kreiman
A subset of the UML statechart notation leads to relatively simple code implementations. This article will show you which subset to use and how to go about it.

Sampling rates for analog sensors
by David Stewart
Why use trial-and-error methods to determine sampling rates when you can use science and mathematics? Here are the details of a simple procedure that makes more sense.

Cover Story

IPv6 on a microcontroller
by Robert Muchsel
One of the driving forces behind the move from IPv4 to IPv6 has been low-cost embedded devices, which are going online at an accelerating pace. But shoehorning the full IPv6 suite of protocols into a small 8-bit microcontroller is an extreme sport of the first order. Here are some tips from someone who's done that successfully.


Smart sensors

by Michael Barr
Even components as seemingly mundane as sensors can be made more interesting with a local processor and firmware. Smart sensors can automate the removal of offset and gain errors as well as nonlinearities from raw sensor readings. These capabilities and others eliminate the need for custom post-processing at the main processor.

Murphy's Law
Is Linux worth the effort?

by Niall Murphy
If your embedded system doesn't need networking and storage, porting Linux to your hardware may not be worth the effort.

Beginner's Corner
Introduction to fuzzy control

by Dan Simon
Fuzzy logic is a tool to help you control complex systems.

Programming Pointers
More on enumerations

by Dan Saks
Here are some additional tips for using enumerations as loop counters and for displaying enumeration names.

Significant Bits
Ten lies about microprocessors

by Jim Turley
Processor selection too often turns into a religious war. Debunking the dominant myths is the first step towards making a rational choice.

Break Points
Feedback matters

by Jack G. Ganssle
Feedback stabilizes all sorts of systems, even engineering teams and projects. That's why postmortems matter.

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