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Embedded Systems Programming, July 2005

July ESP

VOL. 18 NO. 7
July 2005

Table of Contents

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To err is human: teaching a GUI good manners
by Niall Murphy
Does the GUI you're designing scold and scoff at those idiot users or does it politely guide the gentle users to a civilized, pleasant interaction with technology? The author offers some tips that may keep your customers from kicking your invention and keep 'em coming back for more.

Writing drivers for common touch-screen interface hardware
by Kenneth G. Maxwell
Although touch screens are rapidly becoming more popular most developers have never created one before. Here is a step by step design guide that leads you through the hardware and software required to make touch screens work the first time.


ESP Research
Development teams get bigger, richer

by Jim Turley
Here is the third installment of our large-scale, worldwide survey of embedded systems developers. This month we look at development teams themselves–how they're growing, how they're funded, and where they're located, among other fascinating trends.

Programming Pointers
Catching errors early with compile-time assertions

by Dan Saks
Using compile-time assertions can weed out logic errors and portability problems before you ship your code.

Break Points
Turn a kid on to embedded systems

by Jack G. Ganssle
This country will always need engineers — great engineers. So why not get the next generation interested in embedded systems design?


Oops, I did it again

by Jim Turley
Our monthly installments of the embedded survey results have been very popular, which is a good thing–until someone spots a mistake. In this case, it was a particularly vexing and embarrassing one.

CEO Soapbox
Languages, architectures, and algorithms

by Vin Ratford
Electronic system-level design promises to be well worth an engineer's investment in learning a new skill, says AccelChip's CEO.

Parity Bit
Missing RTOSes

Readers respond to omissions in a recent ESP survey

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