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Embedded Systems Programming, June 2002

June ESP

VOL. 15 NO. 6
June 2002

Table of Contents


Cover Story

Serial protocols compared
by John Patrick
Serial buses dot the landscape of embedded design. From displays to storage to peripherals, serial interfaces make communications possible.

How to calibrate touch screens
by Carlos E. Vidales
Touch screens are finding their way into a variety of embedded products. Most touch-enabled devices will require a calibration routine. Here's a good one.

Web Exclusive

Toward a smaller Java
by Michael Barr
Sun's K Virtual Machine gives embedded developers a virtual kick in the pants. KVM makes it possible to run Java programs on any 16-bit processor with 128KB of memory.


Is C passing?

by Michael Barr
Could the choice of programming language alone significantly improve the quality and safety of our finished products?

Murphy's Law
ISO 9000 backlash

by Niall Murphy
Niall's harsh words about ISO 9000 stirred up proponents and opponents alike. This month, he throws more fuel on the fire.

Beginner's Corner
Introduction to interrupt debugging

by Stuart Ball
Interrupt-related problems are among the hardest to debug. Here's a primer on some common pitfalls to avoid.

Significant Bits
Open-source hardware

by Jim Turley
Hardware design's growing abstraction might lead you to think open-source development is just around the corner. Jim says that's not the case.

Break Points
Metrics for developers

by Jack G. Ganssle
Metrics can be used for good or ill, but they work best as a window into the development process. They're not very effective for evaluating people.

Parity Bit
Long Live Hardware

New Products

Internet Appliance Design Tools

Software Tools

Hardware Tools


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