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Embedded Systems Programming, June 2003


June ESP

VOL. 16 NO. 6
June 2003

Table of Contents


Cover Story

Low-cost techniques for sound generation
by David Hinerman
When designing a low-cost device where pennies count, we need a creative and inexpensive way for the device to communicate effectively with the user. Using sound as output requires comparatively few system resources relative to the amount of information it can deliver..

Multiprocessing with real-time operating systems
by Srinivas Dharmasanam
In an ideal world, programmers switching from 1 to n processors would see their code run n times as fast, with no code changes. Things aren't that simple, unfortunately, but as you'll see, there are a number of ways the RTOS can make things easier.

Tips for checking schematics
by Kevin Banks
Taking time out to review a new hardware design is a smart idea, even if you're a firmware developer. This article shows how you can contribute to the effort and includes tips that could make you the hero who saves an extra board spin.



by Michael Barr
How do you define firmware? Fresh from a stint as the embedded systems lexicographer, Michael Barr thought the definition was all firmed up, only to find new definitions emerging, thanks to shifting design methodologies.

Murphy's Law
CAN we talk?

by Niall Murphy
Distributed systems require protocols for communication between devices. CAN and SPI are two of the most common.

Programmer's Toolbox
A root finder's roots

by Jack Crenshaw
Even the most robust root-finding algorithm has an Achilles' heel. All it takes is one pathological function to expose it.

Beginner's Corner
Introduction to UML sequence diagrams

by Bruce Powel Douglass
The Unified Modeling Language incorporates several diagram types. In this second of a three part series, we look at sequence diagrams.

Significant Bits
Soft peripherals

by Jim Turley
Do we really need another entry into the processor space? Maybeóif it's a processor like no other.

Break Points
Hardware for better firmware

by Jack G. Ganssle
The chasm between hardware and software engineers has been widening since the 1980s. These tips may help narrow the gap.

Conference Roundup
Embedded San Francisco

by Jack G. Ganssle
Jack Ganssle regales us with industry trends, interesting products, and tales of free beer from the Embedded Systems Conference in San Francisco.

Parity Bit
In defense of RISC

New Products

Software Tools

Hardware Tools


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