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Embedded Systems Programming, June 2004

June ESP

VOL. 17 NO. 6
June 2004

Table of Contents


Cover Story

Generating random numbers
by Eric Uner
Randomness can be a Good Thing. If your system generates truly random numbers, it can avoid and withstand network packet collisions—just one of many applications. Here's what you need to know about random numbers.

Optimizing Memcpy improves speed
by Michael Morrow
Knowing a few details about your system-memory size, cache type, and bus width can pay big dividends in higher performance.

How to use priority inheritance
by Kyle Renwick and Bill Renwick
Fatal embraces, deadlocks, and obscure bugs await the programmer who isn't careful about priority inversions.


Murphy's Law
An uncertain future

by Niall Murphy
From the puerile to the predatory, hacking has invaded embedded systems. Can we make the world safe for our devices?

Break Points
It's show time

by Jack G. Ganssle
How do you find a merchant ship that sank 1,500 years ago in water a mile deep? Look for the empties, of course.


What's in a name

by Jim Turley
It can take years for a company to make a good name for itself. What happens when a company with a good name changes it?

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