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Embedded Systems Programming, June 2005

June ESP

VOL. 18 NO. 6
June 2005

Table of Contents

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Extracting clock signals from high-speed communications
by Greg Le Cheminant
One of the tricks to high-speed communication is embedding the clock signal within the data. Getting the clock back out, and using it to recover the data, requires some careful design.

Assertive debugging: correcting software as if we meant it
by Mark Halpern
Assertive debugging is a new way to make embedded systems ensure their own health by having your code monitor itself.


ESP Research
Embedded systems survey: Operating systems up for grabs

by Jim Turley
This issue marks the second installment of our large-scale survey of embedded systems developers from around the world. In May we examined the ways in which embedded microprocessors are evaluated and selected. This month we do the same for operating systems.

Programmer's Toolbox
I've been blogged!

by Jack W. Crenshaw
GetTickCount keeps on tickin'. Before moving on, Jack responds to some of your comments.

Break Points
Mighty microanalyzers
by Jack G. Ganssle
These USB oscilloscopes and analyzers offer an astonishing amount of performance for little cost, and they're extremely portable.


What's important?

by Jim Turley
“…[E]very human benefit and enjoyment, every virtue and every prudent act…is founded on compromise and barter,” said 18th-century political philosopher Edmund Burke. He could have been describing embedded systems design.

CEO Soapbox
Combating obsolescence: FPGAs In electronic systems

by Allan Cantle
Obsolescence is a constant, in life and engineering, but there are things we can do to postpone the inevitable.

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