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Embedded Systems Programming, May 1990

Vol. 3 No. 5, May 1990

Table of Contents

Don't search here for deeper meanings. It's just another slice of the embedded life.


“Butterflies and FFTs”
by Mark Atkins and Neal Margulis.
Adding a digital signal processor to your design isn't the only route to acceptable performance from a fast Fourier transform. For today's high-end processors, it may be as simple as properly using the CPU resources you already have.

“High Speed Curves”
by Robert Zigon.
Tired of pixel plodding? One way to speed things up is to switch to approximating curves à la Bezier. Optimizing your implementation can steal precious development time. Zigon's solution is the use of interactive display programs linked with a knowledge of implementation tradeoffs.

“Four Paths for Messaging”
by Ronald Albury.
How you decide to handle serial communications will depend on your project requirements and what you have in your programmer's bag of tricks. Sometimes the most demanding requirements can be easily satisfied by simply putting a new twist on an old idea.

“Forth as a Launch Vehicle”
by Jack Woehr.
You don't have to be a Forth zealot to appreciate the advantages of a portable interactive debugger. Here's how a generic Forth multitasker can be used as a debugging aid for applications written in assembly language.

“Cruising the Seven Cs”
by Tyler Sperry.


#include: “Hacker Alert!”
by Tyler Sperry.

Real-Time: “Coming and Going”
by Tyler Sperry.

Programmer's Sourcebook: “Duty Cycles”

by Bruce A. Bergman.

State of the Art: “Documenting Operating Systems”

by P. J. Plauger.

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