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Embedded Systems Programming, May 1996


Vol. 9 No. 5, May 1996

Table of Contents


Designing User Interfaces: What Does the Customer Really Want?

by Niall Murphy
In an ideal world, a Human Computer Interface professional would design the interactions that take place between the user and the machine. Unfortunately, we're not living in an ideal world.

Processor Selection Using Rate Monotonic Analysis
by Douglas A. Thomae
Having trouble choosing the perfect processor? Here is a technique based on Rate Monotonic Analysis (RMA) to evaluate processors for use in embedded real-time systems.

Debug Support on the ColdFire Architecture
by William Hohl, Joe Circello, and Klaus Riedel
Debug support for ColdFire includes both real-time and background debugging techniques, features that are becoming well-suited for embedded system development.

Combining Neural Networks with Fuzzy Logic
by Emdad Khan
The combination of fuzzy logic and neural nets makes it possible to create an effective method for solving nonlinear, time-variant, imprecise problems. Neural nets can use specified inputs and outputs to develop fuzzy logic systems.


Virtual Ducks in a Row
by Lindsey Vereen
Design methodology changes are afoot. The question that remains is what role will software engineers have in the decisions about new design methodologies and the tools that will become available to implement the methodologies?

Programmer's Toolbox
All About Filters
by Jack W. Crenshaw
Now you can visualize the parts soldered together and understand that the transfer function is just another way of saying “gain.”

Special Report
Data Acquisition Boards
by Nicholas Cravotta

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Break Points
Debugging Interrupt Service Routines
by Jack G. Ganssle
Too many of us learn about ISRs the way we heard about the birds and the bees–from quick chats in the halls with our pals.

State of the Art
Figuring the Cost
by P.J. Plauger
Some programmers complain that C++ has led us down the garden path a bit farther than we wanted to go.

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