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Embedded Systems Programming, May 2002



VOL. 15 NO. 5
May 2002

Table of Contents


Cover Story

Embedded intelligence
by Jeff Stefan
Artificial intelligence is about more than talking computers and robots in search of love and laughter. In fact, AI is most useful in its simplest form: ad hoc decision-making capabilities in an embedded system.

Object-oriented state machines
by Eric Kavins and Uluc Saranli
State machines are extremely useful in managing the behavior of embedded systems. Hereís a C++ framework for implementing them with the greatest of ease.


Code of conduct

by Michael Barr
Michael proposes a code of ethical conduct for software developers.

Programmer's Toolbox
All problems are simple

by Jack Crenshaw
This month, Jack shows you how he made the worldís best root finder just a little bit better. So here it is. Use it with confidence.

Beginner's Corner
Introduction to Lint

by Nigel Jones
Language specifications, including those for C and C++, are often loosely written. A tool called lint can help you find dangerous and non-portable constructs in your code before your compiler turns them into run-time bugs.

Programming Pointers
Evaluating function arguments

by Dan Saks
The C and C++ standards do not specify the orderof evaluation for function arguments. This can leadto subtle portability problems.

Break Points
Jack's rules of thumb

by Jack G. Ganssle
Engineering is more practical art than science. As such, its most successful practitioners obey simple rules like these.

New Products

Software Tools

Hardware Tools


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