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Embedded Systems Programming, May 2003


VOL. 16 NO. 5
May 2003

Table of Contents


Cover Story

How to size message queues
by David Kalinsky
The statistical nature of message arrival and processing times makes sizing message queues difficult. This down-to-earth primer on queueing theory will make such analysis seem downright easy.

Get your motor running
by Dan Simon
Step motors are used in many devices and appliances that are part of our everyday lives. Learn some basics to start designing products with them.

Web Exclusive

Making sense of uncertainty
by Michael Becker
All measurements have errors in them—it's a fact of working in the physical world. Even so, you don't have to take it lying down. Fight back with these practical tips for dealing with uncertainty and accounting for those errors via software.


Distributed development

by Michael Barr
You may think that outsourcing is a negative trend and that “the American engineer” will suffer. But bringing together groups of geographically diverse individuals might benefit everyone.

Murphy's Law
GUI add-on options

by Niall Murphy
Should you integrate a GUI into an existing design by adding a second processor or upgrading the existing one? Here are some options.

Beginner's Corner
Introduction to Real-Time Java

by Benjamin M. Brosgol
The real-time specification for Java improves on determinism and multitasking and adds memory-mapped I/O support. Here's a sample program.

Programming Pointers
Enumerations Q & A

by Dan Saks
It's mailbag time. In response to reader feedback, Dan takes a moment to clarify some nuances of using enumerations

Break Points
A battle for hearts and minds

by Jack G. Ganssle
Microsoft's future depends on embedded systems. To succeed, the company must satisfy engineers who care more about technical merit than marketing

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