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Embedded Systems Programming, May 2004



VOL. 17 NO. 5
May 2004

Table of Contents


Cover Story

Software safety by the numbers
by Jeff Payne
When it comes to safety, it's not what you do, but how you do it. The IEC 61508 standard outlines how safety-critical projects should be managed and how to locate, and create, safety-critical code.

Home networking with Zigbee
by Mikhail Galeev
Will Bluetooth, ZigBee, and 802.11 all have a place in your home? Here's what ZigBee offers for home wireless networking.

Abstracting device-driver development
by Steve Finseth
An abstraction layer makes a convenient interface between device drivers and I/O hardware.


Programmer's Toolbox
A root-finding algorithm

by Jack Crenshaw
Crenshaw offers up “The New and Improved World's Best Root Finder” and he's got the code to prove it.

Break Points
Solving switch bounce problems

by Jack G. Ganssle
No chaste unblemished logic signals these; a scope will show the contacts torturously bouncing before settling into a stable state.

Technical Advice

Programming Pointers
How to enforce write-only access

by Dan Saks
Classes in C++ can impose semantic constraints on data, turning potential run-time errors into compile-time errors.


Think inside the box

by Jim Turley
A few years ago people would have called it “the changing of the guard”; now we say “regime change.” Whatever you call it, Embedded Systems Programming is in the capable hands of new Editor in Chief Jim Turley.

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