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Embedded Systems Programming, October 1990


Vol. 3 No. 10, October 1990

Table of Contents

The Open BIOS Standard may be the bright star on the systemdevelopment horizon.


“The Open BIOS Standard”
by Greg Buzzard.
Moving from one target system to another can be a painful process, if only because there is little vendor agreement on where to draw the line between firmware and system software. The new OBIOS standard may settle some of the debates; here's a technical overview of the proposal.

“The Fastest Transform of All”
by Carey Witkov.
While the fast Fourier transform is a popular tool for developers, it requires more computational horsepower than many systems have available. Enter the Walsh transform, an unjustly ignored alternative that's wellsuited to the resources available in 8-bit systems.

“Metal Muscles”
by L. Brett Glass.
If you've had it with motors and gears, why not try a different paradigm? Muscle-oriented programming can be as simple as mixing a strand of Biometal with a background duty-cycle routine.

“Stacking up for RSAs”
by George Nicol.
Secure data communication is becoming essential for some applications, yet modern encryption demands incredibly fast (and expensive) processors. Or does it? Here's an introduction to RSA encryption and how it's quickly implemented on stack processors.

“Logic Analyzers”
by Larry Mittag.


#include: “Version Notes”
by Tyler Sperry.

Real-Time: “Matters of Definition”
by Tyler Sperry.

Programmer's Sourcebook: “Sampling Forth”
by Bruce A. Bergman.

Break Points: “Self-Calibrating Systems”
by Jack G. Ganssle.

State of the Art: “Trade Magazines, Part 2”
by P. J. Plauger.

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