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Embedded Systems Programming, October 1996


Vol. 9 No. 11, October 1996

Table of Contents


The Octopus Method: Requirements Specification and Software Architecture
by Maher Awad, Juha Kuusela, and Jurgen Ziegler
In this second article of a three-part series on the Octopus method of developing software, the authors describe the process of requirements specification and the development of software architecture

Tracking Down Lost Messages and System Failures
by Philip Koopman
What's the impact of lost or delayed messages in an embedded communication network? This article examines the severity of the problem and suggests steps to reduce or eliminate its sources.

Polyphase Techniques, Halfband Filters, and IIR
by Don Morgan
Real-time signal processing must be able to guarantee that every sample is processed within a set time. Complex filters can make this a challenge. Polyphase techniques offer an alternative to buy you more time.

The Challenges of Real-Time Software Design
by Bran Selic and Paul T. Ward
Producing reliable real-time software is no picnic. In this article, the authors classify the principal issues that face real-time software designers.

Special Report: Choosing a DSP Processor
by Jeff Bier, Phil Lapsley, and Garrick Blalock


Prescription for Spin
by Lindsey Vereen
The technical press is no stranger to rotational influences, often from advertisers, and it's up to editors to detect and zero out the spin. Embedded Systems Programming aims to be a more of a methodology resource than a product resource.

Parity Bit
Lukewarm on Java

Real Time
Wheels Within Wheels
by Tyler Sperry
What if the Mayans had invented the wheel and had simply dismissed it as inappropriate technology?

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Break Points
Prototyping Hardware
by Jack G. Ganssle
There always seem to be a thousand reasons why something cannot be built in a reasonable time frame.

State of the Art
Sixteen Years Before the Mast
P.J. Plauger
Time spent doing standards work is time away from advancing a career–have you hugged your rep today?

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