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Embedded Systems Programming, October 2002

October ESP

VOL. 15 NO. 10
October 2002

Table of Contents


Cover Story

Software that travels
by Steven A. Stolper
Embedded developers often have to write code that can execute on more than one hardware platform. One of the most creative ways to approach multiplatform development is through abstraction. This article gives a quick summary of the most common abstractions (OS, physical interfaces, communication channels, and system services) and how to apply them successfully.

Short-range wireless design
by Karl H. Torvmark
Wireless systems differ from wired systems in some crucial ways. Error handling and bandwidth sharing are two major issues for engineers working on wireless projects. Hereís a guide to designing short-range wireless devices that covers these and other concerns.

Web Exclusive

CORBA's notification service
by Letha Etzkorn, Joel Sherrill, and Ron O'Guin
CORBA Event Service used to be the middleware of choice for handling distributed callbacks. Now there's CORBA Notification Service, and it's improved the whole process.


Get rich slow

by Michael Barr
Honesty, integrity, and responsibility should be the core values of all practicing engineers. And we should practice them outside of work as well.

Murphy's Law
User interface prototypes

by Niall Murphy
A wealth of resources are available to simulate desktop interfaces. Niall shares a low-cost way to leverage them for embedded systems.

Beginner's Corner
Introduction to Forth

by Brad Eckert and Don Rowe
Forth is a niche programming language originally designed for real-time control of telescopes. Over the years, it evolved into an ANSI-standard language. While not widely used anymore, itís still worth a look.

Programming Pointers
Tag vs. type names

by Dan Saks
C treats tags as second class types. C++ isnít much kinder. Hereís how to give them first-class treatment in both languages.

Break Points
The Good Guys

by Jack G. Ganssle
Taking his cue from Programmerís Toolbox, Jack offers up a list of products that make his life easier–as an engineer and a human being.

New Products

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