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Embedded Systems Programming, October 2004

September ESP

VOL. 17 NO. 10
October 2004

Table of Contents

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Say no to stack overflow
by John Regehr
From years of hands-on development, this embedded systems programmer has developed a little trick to take the guesswork out of this onerous programming problem. Learn from the professor.

The ten secrets of embedded debugging
by Stan Schneider and Lori Fraleigh
Debugging your system may be the most important step in the development process. Here are 10 hard-won lessons from the embedded trenches.

FPGA design from the outside in
by Ed Klingman
FPGAs enable everyone to be a chip designer. This installment shows how to design the bus interface for a generic peripheral chip.


Murphy's Law
The usability dilemma

by Niall Murphy
Are your ears burning? It could be a user cursing you and your system. Here are some tips for building user-friendly systems.

Break Points
The value proposition—unfulfilled

by Jack G. Ganssle
Why don't vendors understand us and give us the tools we want? The tools are out there but the vendors can't seem to reach us. Is anyone to blame?


Is debugging necessary?

by Jim Turley
Is debugging a necessary part of all programming or is it just a symptom of an immature industry? Most other professionals don't spend half their time fixing mistakes — why do we?

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