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Embedded Systems Programming, September 1990

Vol. 3 No. 9, September 1990

Table of Contents

Managing a multiprocessor may seem a thankless task, but you can bring it back in focus.


“Rules of Ownership”
by Anthony Castaldo.
Ever find yourself tangled in the web of competing threads? Ever try to separate processors locked in a fatal embrace? Sharing resources doesn't have to result in late-night debugging sessions if you follow a few simple guidelines.

“Shootout at the RT Corral”
by Bruce Koball and Alex Novickis.
Comparisons of real-time operating systems are easy to come by–if you're willing to settle for lists of functions and features. Quantitative analysis is much harder to come by. Koball and Novickis, authors of the February 1989 real-time kernel review, report on their attempts to measure kernel performance and the usefulness of benchmarks, such as Rhealstone and Hartstone.

“Automating Checksums”

by Marco S. Hyman.
Adding system diagnostics to your ROMs can save hours of debugging time and make you a hero to the production team. Yet sometimes these diagnostics are left out because they're just too much trouble to add. To make the diagnostic habit a little easier to acquire, here's an easy-to-use checksum utility, with source code in C.

“Representing Ada”
by E.R. Lindsey.
Ada was designed with embedded systems work in mind, as a quick glance through the Language Reference Manual will confirm. Unfortunately, many of Ada's most useful features are options locked away in the infamous Chapter 13. Here's a look at Ada's representation clauses, how they let you shuffle and adjust objects, and what vendor-dependencies to avoid.


#include: “Enough Already!”
by Tyler Sperry.

Real-Time: “Back to School”

by Tyler Sperry.

When in ROM: “Motorola's 68332 Microcontroller”

by Ray Duncan.

Programmer's Sourcebook: “Priority Forth”
by Bruce A. Bergman.

Break Points: “Selecting a CPU”

by Jack G. Ganssle.

State of the Art: “Trade Magazines, Part 1”
by P. J. Plauger.

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