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Embedded Systems Programming, September 2000

September ESP

VOL. 13 NO. 10 September, 2000

Table of Contents

New Twists on the Z80
by Jean Labrosse
Despite being a quarter-century old, the 8-bit Z80 and its derivatives continue to be popular with embedded system designers. With two new derivatives emerging within the last year, it's a good time to take a fresh look at the architecture. This article considers the architectural choices from the perspective of an RTOS implementer or user.

Sequence Enumeration
by Rob Oshana
Sequence enumeration is a technique for analyzing systems. It can be used to turn a complex set of requirements into an easily implemented state machine.

Doing Hartley Smartly
by Robert Scott

Think the fast Fourier transform is fast enough? Think again. Meet the fast Hartley transform.

Get by Without an RTOS
by Michael Melkonian

Too many simple systems use a commercial RTOS. All that's sometimes needed is a way to implement event-driven and periodic functions. Here's an easy way to do just that.

Configuration Management Tips
by Allan Folz

Whether you're just getting started with version control techniques or an old pro, this article has some good suggestions for you to improve your overall plan.

Internet Appliance Design

Internet Working
by Michael Barr

The Internet Protocol (IP) is the glue that holds an internet together. In this month's column, Michael presents the IP layer implementation that is the core of his mC/Net stack.

Cover Story

Open Source Point/Counterpoint:
Are Open Source and Innovation Compatible?

by Niall Murphy
According to the popular wisdom of the moment, open source software is the way of the future. But can the purveyors of free software really innovate?


Open Source is Already Delivering
by Bill Gatliff
One need not speculate about the benefits of open source software. Just look to its past accomplishments. The future holds more of the same.

Ready or Not: IPv6 is Coming
by Stephen Harpster
The World Wide Web is no longer just workstations, servers, and PCs. It's now also PDAs, cell phones, and automobiles. The old protocols of the Internet cannot handle these millions of devices. IPv6 is coming and you're going to have to be ready.

Embedded Internet Tools
New Internet appliance design products.


Embedded Ubiquity
by Michael Barr

Programmer's Toolbox
The Topic That Would Not Die
Locked in battle with his twin nemeses-Dell and minimization-Crenshaw pines for the good old days and gains some mathematical ground.
by Jack W. Crenshaw

Programming Pointers
Numeric Literals
by Dan Saks
Every literal has a type.It may not be obvious, and it may vary across platforms,but the standard does specify it precisely.

Field-oriented control
Increasingly, motor controls are passed over in favor of DSP control. Here's a primer on the behaviors that can be controlled.
by Don Morgan

Break Points
Repair or Replace
An engineer's adventures in paradise: Jack shares what he's learned from watching engineers make do in the Bahamas.
by Jack G. Ganssle

Book Review
Doing Hard Time: Developing Real-Time Systems with UML, Objects, Frameworks, and Patterns by Bruce Powel Douglass
Bruce Powel Douglass is a writer with an attitude. He is passionate and enthusiastic about real-time systems, safety and reliability, and direct execution of models. In Texas, to where I've just moved, attitude, passion, and enthusiasm are a part of the culture. Your mileage, as they say, may vary.
Reviewed by Jeffrey L. Taylor

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