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Embedded Systems Programming, September 2003

July ESP

VOL. 16 NO. 8
September 2003

Table of Contents


Cover Story

Design challenges of hybrid and fuel cell electronics
by Joe Lemieux
Emerging engine technologies require a tremendous amount of intelligence, that is, embedded hardware and software. Here's a look at what's involved and where the challenges and opportunities lie.

Approximating CANopen
by Olaf Pfeiffer
The CAN standard, popular in automotive applications, defines a simple broadcast serial network that works well for real-time short range communications. But there are few rules at the upper layers. Here's an easy way to keep proprietary application-layer CAN protocols compatible with an open standard.

Avoid corruption in nonvolatile memory
by Christopher Leddy
Absolute power corrupts absolutely. But if you're only concerned about possible corruption of code or data stored in a nonvolatile memory, you can decrease the odds of that happening. This article will empower you to do just that.



by Michael Barr
The broad and diverse scope of embedded systems develoment includes at least seven key vertical market sectors. This month's issue of Embedded Systems Programming focuses on the automotive industry, one of the most dynamic of these sectors.

Murphy's Law
A short trip on the CAN bus

by Niall Murphy
How do we reduce the amount of cabling in cars as we install more complex embedded systems? A bus architecture is the answer.

Beginner's Corner
Introduction to UML statecharts

by Bruce Powel Douglass
The Unified Modeling Language (UML) uses a variety of diagrams to model systems. In this third and final installment, statecharts are explained.

Significant Bits
Motoring with microprocessors

by Jim Turley
Thanks to the magic of microprocessors and embedded systems, our cars are becoming safer, more efficient, and entertaining.

Break Points
Dear Emby

by Jack G. Ganssle
Do you have a problem in your life as an embedded systems engineer? Our esteemed columnist counsels you in your time of need.

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