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Embedded test applications support MPC55xx 32-bit MCUs

Longmont, Colo. — Kozio, Inc. has announced that its kDiagnostics embedded test application and kPOST power-on self-test embedded application support Freescale's MPC55xx 32-bit microcontrollers for advanced automotive and industrial systems.

The kDiagnostics embedded test application, ValidationAssistant, SequenceRunner, and SequenceReporter are part of a total solution for automated functional test of board designs based on MPC55xx microcontrollers, which prove out new board designs built on Power Architecture technology in minutes.

The kDiagnostics embedded test application provides hardware designers and test engineers the ability to run comprehensive test suites at full-speed, allowing greater detection of design or assembly faults. Engineers program the kDiagnostics application directly into the boot or execution memory of the device under test. Once executing, the user executes hundreds of test suites to prove out the new design. In manufacturing, kDiagnostics communicates over Ethernet or serial to test management software that executes user-defined test sequences.

The MPC5554 32-bit embedded controller is the first device from Freescale's MPC55xx family designed for engine management. Containing the Book E compliant core built on Power Architecture technology, the MPC5554 is suitable for any application that requires complex, real-time control.

Pricing: The price for the royalty-free embedded test application kDiagnostics, fully configured to run on the customer's custom board, starts at $14,950. The host tools start at $1,500 per application, with package discounts available. Kozio uses the PHYTEC phyCORE-MPC5554 single board computer for regression testing. Availability: Support for custom boards using Freescale's MPC5553, MPC5534, MPC5554, MPC5561, MPC5565, MPC5566, and MPC5567 MCUs is now available.
Product information: kDiagnostics

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