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Embedded Vision Summit is coming in one month

On Thursday, May 29, 2014, in Santa Clara, California, the Embedded Vision Alliance will hold its fourth Embedded Vision Summit. at the Santa Clara, Ca., convention center.

It will include papers and classes on object detection, interactivity, object recognition and tracking, motion and pose estimations. In addition to BDTI's Jeff Bier founder of the alliance, speakers will be from a wide range of companies involved in this technology: AMD, Analog Devices, Augmented Reality.org, Cognivue, Cadence, Google, Mathworks, Qualcomm, Van Gogh Imaging, PercepTonic and Xilinx,

In “Self-Driving Cars ” by Nathaniel Fairfield of Google will address some of the problems Google engineers are facing in the company's Self-Driving Car project which was created to rapidly advance autonomous driving technology building on previous research. He will describe how Google leverages maps to assist with challenging perception problems such as detecting traffic lights, and how the different sensors can be used to complement each other.

In “How to Make the World More Interactive ,” Ori Inbar of AugmentedReality.org will describe application of embedded vision techniques to augumented reality services in markets ranging from mobile devices to retail point of sale systems.

In “Embedded Lucas-Kanade Tracking ,” Goksel Dedeoglu, PercepTonic, will use DSP-optimized functions from TI's Vision Library (VLIB) to show how to detect feature points in real-time and track them from one frame to the next using the LK algorithm. He will demonstrate this on Texas Instruments' C6678 Keystone DSP..

According to Jeff Bier (Embedded Vision Alliance Founder), these summits are technical educational forums for engineers interested in incorporating visual intelligence into electronic systems and software. They provide how-to presentations, inspiring keynote talks, demonstrations, and opportunities to interact with technical experts from Alliance member companies.

The Embedded Vision Summit West will be co-located with the Augmented World Expo,  a three-day event covering augmented reality, wearable computing, and the “Internet of Things”. Attendees of the Embedded Vision Summit West will have the option of also attending the full Augmented World Expo conference or accessing the Augmented World Expo exhibit floor at a discounted price. To learn more, go to the event page

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