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Embedded WebPilot browser plus developer toolkit released

To support designers of embedded real time multimedia devices, UnicoiSystems has just released version 8.1 of its WebPilot embedded webbrowser to support its hardware and software reference designs.

A key component of its Fusion suite of fully integrated, embeddedsoftware WebPilot v8.1 is a fully functional embedded web browser, witha very small footprint and minimal memory requirements.

The company is also offering a graphical user interface (GUI)toolkit. The browser also includes better integration betweenJavaScript, DOM and CSS.

The embedded web browser is portable across all platforms, and isoperating system independent. The WebPilot browser's GUI toolkit offerstouch screen support and video resolution that spans from 1-bitmonochrome to 32-bit true color.

Unicoi Systems
Atlanta, Ga.
(678) 208-2250

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