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Embedded wireless technology ups performance, lowers cost


The FastWave embedded wireless processor and memories have been designed to satisfy the performance, cost, and schedule demands of the high-volume digital wireless markets. Designed by Micro Linear Corp., the proprietary technology and custom-designed wireless memory arrays have been integrated into several products, including the ML1905 Advanced PHS Transceiver. According to the company, FastWave processors should offer greater control and flexibility over radio performance, enable more rapid product development, and allow products to be more readily modified to address emerging standards or new customer requirements.

Transceivers incorporating the Fastwave technology will enhance radio performance by fine-tuning over 200 distinct control lines. It also simplifies the baseband processor interface and reduce processor overhead by taking on much of the timing and housekeeping tasks needed to control the transceiver. The memories include both ROM and RAM. More information is available at www.microlinear.com.

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