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EMBEDDED WORLD: Atego acquires Blue River to bring C++ into portfolio

EMBEDDED WORLD: Atego, the company created in January 2010 by the merger of Artisan Software Tools and Aonix, has acquired Blue River Software GmbH (Nuremberg, Germany).

The purchase extends Atego's embedded development software portfolio to include C++ tools and is seen as a demonstration of the company's effectiveness at delivering on its growth strategy as a platform for market consolidation.

The acquisition combines Blue River's operating business including all products and underlying intellectual property, professional services and expertise with Atego's existing German operations.

“The Blue River acquisition continues our 'complex systems tools market' consolidation program,” said James B. Gambrell, Executive Chairman of Atego. “Blue River's offerings, vertical markets and German reach complement our existing organization and expand our capabilities across our entire organization.”

Blue River was founded in 1993 as a supplier of software tools for embedded C++ system development, deriving the bulk of its business in the German automotive, engineering automation, telecommunication and measurement/control industries.

The acquisition will significantly expand Atego's German customer base and all of the Blue River team will join Atego who will work with Atego's German headquarters in Wolfsburg, while retaining its regional offices in Nuremberg.

Blue River's product portfolio includes the E32, X32 family and DOCU32 development tools for C/C++. As well as C/C++, the Blue River tools also support C#, JAVA, PASCAL, PL/M and ASSEMBLER development and integrate with all major compilers, including Atego's Aonix PERC.

Hedley Apperly, VP Product & Marketing at Atego, said, “This acquisition gives us broad coverage across our customer's three most important embedded system programming languages; Ada (robust and reliable), C/C++ (current market leading language of choice) and Java (the future for real-time software development).


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