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EMC test software with industry-specific test packages

Teseq has released Compliance 5 emission and immunity test software, a single, integrated test platform capable of performing all RF EMC testing needs. The upgraded software is simple to use with a commercial application package included that aids in speeding set-up and makes compliance testing quick and easy. Other application packages for military and aerospace are available as options.

Further new packages for reverberation chambers and automotive testing will be available in the next few months. Embedded into each test package are hardware configuration templates. Simple drag and drop tools allow the operator to customize the configuration to match the equipment in use. Selections for any test need only to be chosen once and are then saved for continued use.

Compliance 5 features a unique multi-user function with administrator control that ensures data integrity. Files can be locked or made ‘read only’ by the system administrator. Users can configure tests while giving the administrator overall control to important files.  The control feature also allows configuration and equipment details to be stored along with results. Advanced users and previous Compliance 3 software users can utilize Compliance 5 to modify test procedures, test set-ups and EUT (equipment under test) test sequencing to further enhance the software’s performance and customize their current system to their own needs.

This reliable and configurable software can be modified by the user at anytime. Compliance 5 makes custom reporting easy. Its flexible reporting package features pre-formatted templates that can include company logo, text, graphs, tables, test details and pictures, saving time and reducing the burden put on a test engineer’s time.

Visit Teseq at www.teseq.com

Courtesy of EE Times Europe

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