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Emech distribution duo united


LONDON — Dalroad Distribution Ltd has acquired Norslo Components Ltd with the combined company trading as Dalroad Norslo Ltd and based at the Dalroad facility in Luton which has recently been upgraded.

Dalroad Norslo Ltd will operate asa specialist distributor of electro-mechanical components from suppliers including Tyco, Bosch and Sumitomo.

Dalroad has been involved in the component supply market since 1975 and in 1993 Dalroad Distribution Ltd was formed to concentrate solely on the distribution business. It has since evolved into a specialist distributor of electro-mechanical components.

The company says it recognized the importance of the Norslo brand and had no hesitation in retaining its identity in the name of the rebranded company Dalroad Norslo Ltd. This amalgamation will bring together 30 years of Norslo market presence with 15 years from Dalroad.

“The acquisition of Norslo will guarantee our future growth within the industrial & electronics markets,” said David Chinn-Saw, Dalroad managing director. “Over the past 12 months, Dalroad has entered into these markets launching a completely new product range with considerable success. The planned development of key personnel from both sides of the business will result in services being improved and an enhanced product range being offered to our valuable customers through Dalroad Norslo Ltd.”

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