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EMI Filters boast 0.4-mm chip-scale packages


California Micro Devices introduced a new family of Centurion-based EMI filter arrays, which combine EMI and ESD protection in a 0.4-mm pitch chip-scale package (CSP). Built as an application-specific integrated passive (ASIP), the devices protect LCD displays, camera modules, and dataport interfaces in mobile handset applications. According to the company, they're more than 30% smaller than existing 0.5-mm pitch CSP products.

The CM1440, CM1441 and CM1442, fit various capacitance budgets and channel configurations to address a broad range of requirements and applications in this small form factor. With fast cutoff frequencies, steep roll-offs, and deep attenuation, these products can operate with display and camera module interfaces running at data rates up to 25 MHz. In addition to filtering, these products feature ESD protection up to +/-15 kV contact discharge, per the IEC61000-4-2 Level 4 specification.

Prices start at $0.36 each in 1000-unit quantities for the six-channel version and $0.42 each in 1000-unit quantities for the eight-channel version. More information is available at www.calmicro.com.

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