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EMI filters in tiny packages suit wireless handsets


A family of packaged Centurion ASIP (Application Specific Integrated Passive) EMI filter arrays feature robust ESD protection in compact packages. Suited for use in mobile handsets, the CM1430 and CM1431 ASIPs are packaged in 0.4-mm pitch TDFN packages that are 42% smaller than 0.5-mm pitch TDFN packages.

Developed by California Micro Devices, the parts employ C-R-C pi filters with cutoff frequencies of 120 and 200 MHz. Their high cutoffs suit the parts for filtering high-resolution display and camera modules interfaces, with data rates up to 80 Mbits/s. The CM1430 and CM1431 achieve attenuation of -25 and -35 dB, respectively, at 1GHz. The attenuation of both parts is -35 dB at 3 GHz. Both feature flow-through routing for each filter channel which contributes to enhanced filter performance and ease of pcb layout.

Samples of the Centurion CM1430 and CM1431 are available now. Sample pricing ranges from $0.42 to $0.59 in 1000-unit quantities, depending on the channel configuration. Production for both families is scheduled for the third quarter. Detailed product information can be found at www.calmicro.com.

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