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EMI-proof distribution of PROFIBUS and CAN on a DIN rail

LONDON — Provertha Connectors, Cables & Solutions GmbH (Pforzheim, Germany), has developed a series of I-Net distribution boxes for horizontal or vertical assembly on 35 mm DIN top-hat rails to distribute PROFIBUS and CAN.

All models measure 77.5 x 39 x 18,5 mm (22.3 mm including thread bolt), allowing for installation in constricted environments with 360 degree EMI/RF shielding, and the simple and secure fixation to the rail using a massive carrier clip.

Inside the heavy-duty version targeting demanding applications such as railway vehicles, a PCB connects the four D-Sub interfaces per box, while the light-duty version for industrial automation purposes relies on a flat cable.

Safe grounding is ensured by a screw connection of the D-Sub connectors with the thread bolts of the metal housing, in the heavy-duty version additionally by 'Boardlock' clamping of the D-Sub connectors to the PCB. The snap-in mounting clip ensures secure grounding to the rail.

Available are models for horizontal or vertical assembly with the four D-Sub connectors either in series or two-by-two horizontally and vertically positioned for very tight installation conditions.

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