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EMU, advanced power controller combo fit latest PowerWise spec


National Semiconductor has released its second-generation, digitally-programmable LP5552 PowerWise energy management unit (EMU) and advanced power controller (APC2) IP package. When used together, the two parts can reduce the power consumption of high data-rate digital processors with frequency-scaling capability by up to 70%.

The APC2 IP is compatible with ARM's Intelligent Energy Manager (IEM) frequency-scaling technology, and the two devices comply with the PowerWise Interface (PWI) 2.0 open-industry standard introduced by National Semiconductor and ARM earlier this year.

National's LP5552 lets a digital processor adaptively adjust its supply voltage to the minimum level needed. It includes two adaptive-supply-voltage buck regulators for the processor cores and five additional programmable regulators. The linear regulators power the I/O ring, oscillator, and phase-locked loops (PLL) and embedded and external memories on low-power SoCs, and can also power other auxiliary devices in the system. The PWI 2.0 interface controls the LP5552's functions for simple interfacing to the digital processor.

The LP5552 supports the PWI 2.0 interface, a 2-pin, high-speed serial power management control interface. To enable adaptive voltage scaling, the LP5552 includes two digitally-programmable, 600-mA, 0.6- to 1.2-V buck regulators with up to 90% efficiency and excellent transient performance for rapidly varying digital loads. In addition, it has five programmable low drop-out (LDO) regulators with output voltages ranging from 0.6 to 3.3 V.

For more information or to order samples of the LP5552, visit www.national.com/pf/LP/LP5552.html. For more information about the PWI 2.0 adaptive voltage scaling technology, visit powerwise.national.com. And for more information about the PowerWise Interface, visit www.pwistandard.org.. An online seminar, “PowerWise Adaptive Voltage Scaling Technology,” can be viewed at www.national.com/AU/design/0,4706,0_42_,00.html.

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