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Enabling native applications of Linux and Android for ARM-based systems


ARM Development Studio 5 (DS-5) Application Edition is now generally available following a four-month trial period. The software development suite was created to simplify the development of Linux and Android native applications for ARM-based systems, is available for use in commercial software development.
DS-5 Application Edition features an Eclipse-based project manager with support for multiple workspaces and projects, along with powerful C/C++ Compiler and assembly source code editing functions. DS-5 includes a fully featured debugger with detailed graphical views and processor control mechanisms, which can be used to debug both Linux applications, and Android’s native counterparts.
To increase the efficiency of the software development cycle, DS-5 Application Edition includes an ARM Cortex-A8 processor-based SoC fast simulation model and a pre-configured ARM Linux distribution for supported targets. These features enable developers to start testing and debugging before hardware has been made available.
The Application Edition is the first of three planned DS-5 editions. Future editions will include kernel, driver, debug and trace, performance profiler, additional fast models, and the highly optimizing ARM Compiler.
The DS-5 Application Edition is compatible with Windows and Linux hosts. A full trial version of DS-5 Application Edition is available for download.

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