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End of an era at AFDEC

LONDON — Gary Kibblewhite, chairman of the Association of Franchised Distributors of Electronic Components (AFDEC) since 1988, has retired from the post and been awarded the title of Honorary President in recognition of his 'dedication to the aims of the Association' and his 'exemplary service to the membership'.

“Seventeen years is a long time in any job but it’s been a privilege to serve the industry and its members, through a most exciting and dynamic period”, said Kibblewhite (pictured left). “All the signs indicate that the industry has entered another interesting phase which, although more stable than the last ten years or so, will still be challenging. I’m sure AFDEC will benefit from a younger and more dynamic Chairman with an extensive, and recent, background in component distribution.”

Adam Fletcher (right), will succeed to the Chairmanship of the Association, and he beleives that public recognition of the value brought by the electronics distributors has massively increased during Kibblewhites’s 17-year tenure and under his guidance AFDEC has made a significant contribution to the development of the domestic sector. “AFDEC member companies account for around 85% of sales achieved by UK distributors today, an achievement that would not be possible without the foresight and dedication of Gary and the AFDEC Council. The Association should be very proud of its achievement in establishing the cohesiveness and professionalism of the UK Distribution sector. Gary’s personal contribution to achieving the Association’s goals cannot be understated.”

“Gary proved his AFDEC credentials as an early Council member and leader during the time when the Council elected a different Chairman each year”, said Fletcher. “The Association changed its policy when it was recognised that burgeoning AFDEC initiatives and commitments demanded a far greater degree of management consistency and continuity. Gary was already Chief Executive of the Fibreoptic Industry Association (FIA) when he became AFDEC’s first permanent chairman in 1991.”

Kibblewhite’s retirement will not mean an end to his practical industry involvement. He will retain his chairmanship of Milan-based umbrella International Distribution of Electronics Association (IDEA), and his involvement with the electronics consultancy Europartners, an organisation he helped to form.

Fletcher had management experience with Memec before founding The European Operation, an organisation that supports the business development of emerging semiconductor companies in European markets.

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