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Enea Adds Fault Tolerance to Polyhedra embedded RDBMS

Stockholm, Sweden – Enea has just added new fault-tolerant capabilities for its embedded Polyhedra FlashLite relational database management system.

The flash-based embedded RDBMS now offers full redundancy with instant failover and reconnection, making it ideal for applications requiring five nines or higher availability. Polyhedra FlashLite also features “hot upgrades” and supports two new platforms, Windows Vista and VxWorks 6.x.

Featuring a client-server architecture, active queries, and a powerful trigger language that allows “business logic” to be embedded in the database, Polyhedra FlashLite utilizes flash data storage and is designed to deliver higher performance than traditional disk-based RDBMSs.

It is targeted at stand-alone, low-power devices such as feature phones, and disk-less systems such as home gateways and set-top boxes.

According Dr. Nigel Day, product manager for Polyhedra, the transactional RDBMS features a small code footprint, and supports both high-speed NOR and low-cost NAND flash. It also utilizes a cache-based design that boosts performance by up to an order of magnitude relative to conventional disk- and flash-based RDBMSs.

The Polyhedra family is available for a broad range of operating systems, including Enea OSE', VxWorks, Integrity, Linux, Windows and Unix.

A single-user developer license costs $11,995. To learn more, go to www.enea.com.

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