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Enea adds network security protocols for OSEck DSP RTOS


Stockholm, Sweden – Enea has announced the availability of IPsec and SSH network security protocols for DSPNet, a compact, high-performance IPv4v6 stack optimized for the Enea OSE ck real-time operating system. The new protocols provide integrity verification, authentication, and encryption services that facilitate secure data transmission.

IPsec provides confidentiality, data integrity and authentication for packets sent over the Internet. It encrypts the IP data packets to hide their contents from unauthorized viewing. It also authenticates the sender and checks the received data for integrity. The SSH daemon (Secure Shell) provides a secure alternative to Telnet for accessing the OSEck shell, which is used to execute commands on the DSP for management, configuration, status, and debug purposes.

Enea OSEck (OSE Compact Kernel) is a DSP-optimized version of Enea's full-featured OSE RTOS. Occupying as little as 8 kbytes of memory, OSEck delivers fully-preemptive, event-driven real-time response and features built-in error detection and handling. OSEck is targeted for telecom, datacom, automotive, industrial control, medical and mil/aero applications with tight memory constraints and requiring reliable real-time control and signal processing.

DSPNet is a compact, secure, high-performance IPv4v6 stack for Enea's OSEck RTOS. Optimized for DSP applications, OSEck and DSPNet provide a COTS software platform that helps NEPs lower network processing costs and speeds time to market while taking full advantage of the DSP's real-time processing capabilities. OSEck and DSPNet are available for a broad range of popular communication infrastructure DSPs, including the LSI 2603/12, Freescale MSC8144 and TI C6000 C64x+ DSPs.

To learn more, go to www.enea.com.

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